about leanne miller photography

Hi, I am Leanne, a mum to 4 gorgeous children, William, Samuel, Benjamin and Elsie, and wife to my ever supportive husband, Simon.

I have taken endless amounts of photos of the kids since they were born, photography is what I love! It’s because of them, that I have got where I am now. They inspire me.

I am mainly self-taught, but have been interested in photography and taking pictures since I was a child, growing up and then studying it at college. It then became a big part of my life, especially after having my first baby. When Leanne Miller Photography was created, I was mainly photographing young children and families, but 6 years ago, found my love for newborns, which is what I now specialize in. I’ve trained with some of the best newborn photographers, even travelling to New York for one!

I love all the details of a fresh newborn, especially their tiny fingers and toes. Changing from a newborn so quickly, it’s easy to forget all the little things.

My studio is situated in a small village called East Hoathly in East Sussex, so you know you can come and relax on the sofa whilst your session talks place. You can even take a nap yourself if you like!

Every session has it’s challenges, and every baby is different. The end results I love.